About Movestic Fund Management

Movestic Fund Management S.A is a fully regulated Fund Management Company in Luxembourg. Fund management companies take charge of all activities relating to the day-to-day operation of investment funds. Our work includes oversight of the investment management activities, distribution, fund administration and risk management of the funds under management. Our goal is to provide governance of the funds, a seamless service to investment managers and business partners of the Movestic Group and to protect the rights and interest of the investors into the fund products we manage.



Investment Management
The Movestic Group carefully selects the best investment managers for its investments and management of its fund products. We deliver complete high quality services to assist investment managers and enable them to excel in their investment management activities.



We offer a complete set of services related to distribution of fund products primarily in the Nordics and Europe. Our servces to distribution platforms and financial institutions interested in our fund products include setup, legal and information about taxes as well as local market insight and guidance on best practice.


Fund Administration

For our administration services to the fund products we select business partners with state-of –the art system infrastructure and experience to provide outstanding quality of services to investment managers and business partners. Movestic Fund Management provides oversight and quality control of all fund operations, always acting in the best interest of the investors into the fund products under management.


Risk Management

We provide a systematic and thorough risk management of all the fund products under our management, including eligibility- and investment compliance controls, market risk, liquidity risk, concentration risk and counterparty risk. We proactively assist investment managers in the Movestic Group with risk analysis and monitoring.


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We are Movestic Fund Management

Movestic Fund Management is a subsidiary of Movestic Livförsäkring AB, which in its turn belongs to Chesnara Plc, a holding company based in the United Kingdom, registered on the London Stock Exchange. We are a UCITS Fund Management Company approved and regulated by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) in Luxembourg.


Our staff

  • Nicole Schmidt-Troje, Conducting Officer, Head of Legal and Compliance
  • Dirk Hellbrück, Conducting Officer, Head of Risk Management
  • Stefan Recktenwald, CFA, Conducting Officer, Head of Investment Management


Our Board of Directors

  • Ken Hogg, Chairperson
  • Lina Jankler, Member of the Board
  • Anna Schöld, Member of the Board
  • Stefan Recktenwald, CFA, Member of the Board